What are striae or stretch marks?

Stretch marks, which is the layman term for striae are seemingly unsightly marks found on sreach-mark-removal-450various parts of the body where weight gain and drastic weight loss had been apparent. You see, rapid weight gain may cause the skin to fail to adjust to the increased volume in short notice. The skin is a very elastic tissue, and in order to accommodate the impending and increasing volume of the body brought about by weight gain or pregnancy, it stretches out.

However, not all people are gifted with equally elastic skin, that’s why with added weight, sometimes the deeper layers of the skin will give way or tear if stretched to a limit. The moment that the skin reaches its limit, the layer will remain intact, yet the outward appearance of the skin would be streaky or stretched. These streaky lines or appearance are what they call stretch marks. They are quite permanent and for some individuals, it could feel very unsightly.

Stay Away from Laser Removal

Many doctors consider that laser treatments are the best methods for getting rid of stretch marks, but this claim is not yet proven to be totally correct. There are plastic surgeons who believe that laser treatments are not effective or safe in relieving stretch marks. For most of its part, lasers are quite effective when it comes to breaking down, removing, or vaporizing skin tissues, but they are not geared to repair the said tissue. Stretch marks are a cardinal sign of torn or damaged tissue, that’s why all the best of reasons deem that laser cannot promise treatment or removal of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Removal by Surgery

Most stretch marks can usually be found on the abdominal area, just beneath the belly button. A tummy tuck procedure which is done by surgery is the only effective method that can remove stretch marks. For this procedure, most of the skin on the abdominal are is removed, thereby removing the stretch marks as well. Surgery is the only effective and safest solution for removing stretch marks.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

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