Dental implants are tooth replacement choices that are proven safe for use on adults. The implant is inserted directly into the jawbone and it doesn’t require being replaced for cleaning purposes. Dental implants are especially made to replace the damaged root of the teeth as the crown is placed and screwed in place on top of the implant.

cosmetic dentisry sydneyThe benefits of using dental implants

Dental implants are installed to replace the function of any missing tooth. The terms apply to cracked, chipped, decayed, or permanently damaged crowns which have no hope of being restored at all. Just like any other cosmetic procedures, having dental implants placed on your damaged crowns offer a lot of benefits. These include:

  • Natural-looking replacements for natural teeth that are already missing or damaged
  • Maintaining the integrity of these implants is the same as brushing and flossing
  • Halts gum line and jawbone shrinkage or collapse because of the gaping space from missing teeth
  • Replaceable if damaged
  • They don’t need to be taken off for cleaning compared to dentures
  • No slip-and-slide issues when you eat, smile, or speak
  • Stops bone loss, promotes youthful appearance of your oral bone structure
  • Barely noticeable, they look just like the natural color of your set of teeth

FAQ for Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of a miniature screw made of titanium which is placed on the lower or upper jaw to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Titanium composition facilitates proper screwing of the jawbone to anchor the tooth replacement. The titanium prosthetic is installed in the jaw and then it is left there to heal for perhaps a few weeks or so before placing the new artificial crown.

What do I need a dental implant for?

A dental implant is the perfect remedy for missing teeth. You can eat, smile, and speak without worrying that your implants may fall off. They are highly functional and definitely durable.

cosmetic dentisry sydney teeth repairHow will dental implants help with tooth replacement?

The dental implant is generally installed in the jaw bone in place of the original missing tooth.  A special contraption called abutment is then attached on the implant’s screw and then afterwards, the replacement tooth will then be attached to the artificial implant. Sturdy dental porcelain makes up replacement teeth. It is composed of a dental crown which is moulded to resemble natural teeth. So as not to confuse you, dental implants are artificial replacements made especially for the root of missing teeth and dental crowns serve as replacements for entire tooth structures. When they are attached together, these implants resemble the shape and function of natural teeth. They are very in demand these days since their appearance and function.

Lab works and diagnostics

First, soft tissue will be thoroughly assessed and the bone’s quantity and quality as well before the implant installation. Photographs shall be taken, including dental casts, radiographic scans of cone beams, and radiographs of teeth. If your laboratory works are good, then dental implants may then be installed to replace missing teeth. If you will not be cleared for the operation, the procedure may be cancelled for a prolonged period of time until you will be fit for undergoing the procedure.

How do I determine which treatment suits me best?

All you need to do is get in touch with us at the Sydney Plastic Surgery so we can book youbook a consultation an appointment for consultation. During your appointment, we shall discuss the options that you have for tooth replacement. You will also be informed by our leading practitioner, Dr. Potres about everything else that you will be undergoing when you choose to work hand in hand with us for improving your smile and overall self-esteem with the safest tooth replacement services.