Laser Treatment of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome and Stress Urinary Incontinence

laser-vaginal-rejuvinationVaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is a condition that medically involves the vagina and its loss of structure in women after child birth as well as due to the process of aging. Treatment for the condition includes use of surgery (Surgical Vaginaplasty, also known as Pelvic floor muscle restoration surgery) and/or a non-invasive Laser technology (Laser Vaginaplasty).

What is SIU?

SIU stands for stress Urinary Incontinence and involves the loss of the ability to control the bladder especially about bouts of coughing, running, sneezing, bending to pick something or even lifting a heavy object.

The Surgical Vaginaplasty

The treatment through Vaginaplasty surgery is very successful, produces a tighter vaginal tract, however it involves subjecting the patient to anaesthesia and surgery. Unlike Laser Vaginaplasty, the patient who is considering surgical vaginaplasty requires 5 days off work and abstains from sex for 4-6 weeks. The surgery also has minor general side effects such as infection hence the spirited attempts by the clinicians to find a better way of dealing with the condition without necessarily having to subject the patient to surgery.

The Laser Vaginaplasty, a non-surgical intervention

The laser module has been developed to help women in different age group and in particular women in the menopause stage. It involves the use of CO₂ Fractional and Surgical mode laser technology. It is a form of rejuvenation that improves the function of the vagina so that you are able to be sexually satisfied.

How do you know that you require the laser treatment?

There are tell-tale signs to show that you require laser treatment. You are a candidate if your sexual satisfaction has dipped such that you no longer get satisfied or experiences burning sensation and irritation in the vagina. The vagina also becomes dry and also you will have a painful intercourse.

You will become prone to infections due to reduced PH in the vagina and the varying intensity of incontinence due to eroded mucosa in the vagina.

What the procedure does to the vulva and the labium

The laser technology helps to improve the appearance of the vulva by giving it a natural through making it a natural, inky colour. It also becomes lighter with fewer wrinkles. If the skin on the labia is loose, it will become tighter. Lastly, you will benefit from the resulting elasticity.

The advantage of the use of laser as opposed to the invasive surgical method is the fact that there are fewer invasions, no bleeding and a quick recovery. You will also not be required to shave or use any anaesthesia.

Length of time
The procedure takes 15min to perform, requires no anaesthesia, not painful, you can drive in and out. No down time and you will be back to form within 3-5 days and be able to resume your normal sexual activity.

How costly is vaginal laser?

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Why you should opt for vaginal Laser

Vaginal laser is ideal due to the fact that it helps to bring back the ideal vaginal PH all the while dealing with symptoms such as atrophy ,dryness, irritation among other problematic issues found in the again.


With vaginal laser, you will be able to have the structure of your vaginal improved a great deal. The position will also be restored so that you do not have to undergo some surgical interventions such as vaginaplasty or labiaplasty to some extent.

Being less painful makes vaginal laser a choice procedure for many. It is in fact painless and takes a short period of a mere 5 minutes and in 5 days maximum after the procedure, you will be able to resume sexual intercourse.

Treatment of various conditions in the vulva becomes effective so that you do not have to expose so much privacy in the name of treatment.

Women are particularly advised to use the CO2 Laser, made famous by Mona Lisa touch, Action Baladona, Action II Petite lady, Action Baladona as well as Aphrodite Laser . This is because it helps in dealing with conditions such as the VRS. Women who require this procedure are those who cannot undergo surgery. It is also suitable for those who do not have the time that is required for the procedure. You will enhance maintenance as well as get the reconstruction that you require for your vagina.

Results from a vaginal laser treatment

After carrying out vaginal laser, you will be able to have a more elastic and tighter vaginal with the vaginal anal tissue being remodelled through its collagen material. If there is little secretion in your vagina, this will be improved. Those with vaginal atrophy will also be treated, not forgetting the fact that the dryness and incontinence will also be addressed.

The technology used

The vaginal laser makes use of micro thermal effect, CO₂ Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser as well as the ablation combination. Vaginal rejuvenation will be achieved thanks to the advent of CO₂ fractional.