For starters, LLLT or low-level light therapy using LEDs is the treatment of choice for skin rejuvenation that uses incident light in order to photo-modulate cellular-level functioning. The procedure helps to hasten healing of wounds to prevent further infection, keloid formation, and scarring, exterminate acne occurrence, stimulate proper hair growth, improve blood circulation, soothe joint and muscle stiffness, and relieve systemic pain.

It also stimulates the formation of 5-ALA photodynamic therapy or PDT in the body. Cells tend to absorb light energy sans causing damage due to physical trauma, blows, or heat. Normal cellular functioning promotes repair and cell regeneration and of course, the process stimulates proliferation.

How Does Light Therapy

As of today, there are controversies in the proper administration of LLLT and the efficacy of the method. There are people who question the safety of the modality, but it’s a good thing that more and more physicians count on the potency of LLLT and its rejuvenating properties.

Specifically, HEALITE II hones the function of magnitudes 415, 830, and 633 nm of light through LED or light-emitting diode. It is then concentrated and delivered that’s why treatment via light therapy is safe and does not pose a risk for thermal damage and physical trauma. LLLT is commonly utilized as a standalone method of treatment or as an adjunct in recovery for any medical procedures that involve surgery.