This surgery is done to make you look younger, alert and rested by removing additional skin or fat layer from the upper eyelids is known as blepharoplasty or is more commonly known as upper eyelids surgery. This surgery will also help to reduce puffiness, sagginess and droopiness felt on the skin of the upper eyelids.

Perfect candidate to undergo this surgery

Eyelidsurgery_sydney If you often experience puffiness around your eyes when you wake up in the morning or if you have excess deposits of fats on your upper eyelids or your sagging eyelid skin is impairing your vision or if your eyelids are giving away your age as they are too droopy, then you are the right candidate to undergo this surgery.

How is the operation done?

Firstly, the surgeon will sedate you by giving general or local anaesthesia as per your suitability and comfort. Then, he will make a small cut or incision across the upper eyelid along the skin fold and will remove all the excess fats or skin layers. Secondly, he will tighten all the underlying muscle tissues and close the incision with sutures alongside the natural skin folds or creases of your upper eyelid. Tissue glue is often used in such surgeries for keeping the muscle tissues in place during the surgery.

Post Operation Blues

You may feel numbness, pain and discomfort in your eyes immediately after the surgery is done. You may also have swelling and irritation in your eyes, which will go away within few days of the surgery. You may find your eyes extra sensitive towards light which may be due to the dressing done on your eyes post operation.

Post Operation care at home

You must take and apply all your prescribed meds sincerely to ensure proper healing of your upper eyelids post operation. Do not rub or hit your eyes against anything and avoid going in sunlight without proper protection until the operational wound is completely healed. If you feel dryness, itchiness or a sense of discomfort in your eyes, then you may use cold compresses in order to comfort your eyes.

Cost of the operation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upper eyelid surgery also correct sagging or droopy eyebrows?

No, this surgery does not cover saggy or droopy eyebrows; there are other procedures available for these problems.

When will I fully recover from my surgery?

Your recovery may vary anywhere between 1-4 weeks, depending upon your healing abilities.

Can I wear eye makeup after the surgery?

You may not be able to wear makeup immediately after the surgery or until a few weeks post surgery. You may only wear eye makeup as and when suggested by your physician.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.