Unshapely calves can now claim a very appealing appearance with the help of calf implants. Calf calf implantsimplants is a cosmetic procedure that involves a surgery meant for shaping your calves to a desirable extent. The results of this surgery can assure that even the best of diets and workouts can’t. Unshapely calves can be a real burden for the people who are really conscious about their figure.

People who aspire to wear dresses that involve the exposure of unsightly calves should surely opt for calf implants. The different medical conditions that call for the performance of this procedure would be polio, spina bifida, and calves traumatized by some sort of accident. In addition to adding esthetics to the unsightly calves, this procedure can be useful in extending a health quotient too.

What are the preparations from my end when I opt for calf implants?

Your first step to this form of surgery would the search for a certified professional. The certified surgeon would go through the state of your calves and would help you decide on the procedure. For estimating the size of the implants, he/she would take measurement of your calves. During this visit, the certified personnel would give you a list of preoperative instructions that are required to be followed before undergoing this procedure. For instance, if you are a smoker, you would be required to quit it for a few days before undergoing this procedure. Bleeding risks can be augmented by a group of medications or supplements. The intake of such medications and supplements is halted for a few days before undergoing the calf implant surgery.

How is the calf implant procedure performed?

Just like breast implants, calf implants are fabricated with silicone. After taking the measurement of calves, the optimally sized calf implant is selected. Calf implant surgery is performed under the effect of sedation and local anesthetic. Calf implant procedure would require the placement an incision in the back portion of the knee. Calf is composed of a group of muscles. While some get just one calf implant for enhancing the look of the calves, the others might require multiple for attaining the desired look of the calves. Placement of calf implants is done beneath the thick layer of fat. Some patients are required to opt of the additional liposuction procedure in combination with the calf implant surgery. Liposuction of ankles can and knees can be suggested as an aesthetics enhancing procedure. You would be required to follow a set of mandatory post-operative instructions after the procedure has been performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I recover from calf implant surgery?

It takes approximately a month’s time to recover and resume with the normal modes of work.

What would be the estimated cost of calf implant surgery?

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What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.