For those who need a full restoration or repair of decayed or broken teeth, realign a misshapen crown or ring back the healthy pearly whiteness of discoloured teeth, then a dental crown is a good choice for all of these problems. It is proven to be a lasting and attractive solution for all of the aforementioned dental dilemmas.

conventinal bridgeA tooth crown is specifically fitted on top of the natural tooth. It helps to bring back the strength, good appearance, and the natural shape and size of the concerned tooth. When a tooth crown is secured in place, it caps on or covers the portion of the natural tooth that is often visible. We at the Sydney Plastic Surgery only use high-quality equipment and materials for all of our procedures. We have well-trained professionals who are experienced in making bridges and crowns. Feel free to contact our office anytime to avail of free consultation appointments.

Porcelain (All-Ceramic) Crowns


porcelair crowns

By choice, porcelain crowns are deemed the best materials that offer a more natural look for your teeth. The porcelain material which we utilize at Sydney Plastic Surgery is translucent and resembles closely the natural enamel composition of human teeth. Each crown is made specifically to meet the shape, size, and ideal shade to fit your aesthetic and comfort needs. All you have to do is book an appointment for consultation with our office that’s based in Sydney, Australia.

Ceramic-metal crowns

These crowns are a little bit different compared to porcelain ones because their strength and quality is enhanced further with metal. Our leading specialist Dr. Potres assesses thoroughly each dental condition of our esteemed clients and discusses the treatment method with them one by one.

Dental Crown Installation

Dental bridgeEvery client of our clinic are scheduled for a consultation and it involves comprehensive treatment planning and physical examination to facilitate assessment and diagnosis of every case that we handle. All of these steps facilitate successful and satisfactory results.

We have radiologists who will take X-ray images of the oral cavity to assess for damage and dental caries. The tooth is afterwards primed for installation of the crown. An impression of the affected tooth and the adjacent teeth will be made and thee images shall be sent to the dental laboratory for cross examination. By then, our trained master ceramists will start constructing the needed crowns. Basing on the impressions, the color of the crown should match the natural shade of your teeth in general. Since you will go by some time with an exposed crown, you will be provided with a temporary prosthetic crown for protection which will be placed on top of your exposed one. It will be removed once your new crown is finished and ready to be installed secure in place.

Why have a dental crown?

Here are some of the reasons why it is sensible to have an artificial dental crown like the ones we use to replace your damaged or missing teeth:

  • It is made to cover up a dental implant
  • To conceal teeth discoloration
  • Secure dental bridges
  • Restore the appearance of damaged or worn teeth
  • Halt spreading damage from broken or decayed teeth

An Introduction to the Fixed Bridge

Fixed dental bridges are replacements for real teeth. They look quite natural and they are placed in between two crowns so as to fill up the gap caused by missing pearls. The porcelain crowns are secured in place next to natural teeth so as to hold the dental bridge tight. For those who don’t know it yet, dental bridges are used in place of one or several missing teeth. They are cemented in place to natural enamel that is why fixed dental bridges are not removable at all. They are permanent, functional, and definitely comfortable compared to removable dentures.

The basics of a dental bridge

Generally, dental bridges are prosthetic tooth replacements. These are natural-looking replacements for real teeth. The dental bridge calls for healthy surrounding teeth adjacent to the missing one. The fixed dental bridge is considered to be the most common of all types since it needs strong healthy teeth surrounding the affected tooth and of course the dental crowns should be bonded with them. The fixed dental bridge is permanent, and you won’t be dealing with discomforts of shifting or falling out of place.

What is the exact function of a dental bridge?

Basically, it replaces missing teeth. It creates a foundation for the surrounding teeth so that it will be strong enough to hold the dental crowns intended for the bride in place.

What treatment choice should I choose?

All you have to do is get in touch with us at Sydney Plastic Surgery so we can schedule an book a consultationappointment for your personal consultation. Just like the rest of our offered dental procedures, you will be given a walk through of everything that you need to know courtesy of our lead specialist, Dr. Potres. You will be guided through informed decision-making whether you choose to go ahead with your chosen procedure.