A breast Lift is a procedure where excess skin from the breasts is removed and the nipple areolar complex is lifted to give firm and youthful breasts. With respect to the preoperative appearance, size and symmetries of the breasts you can also choose to reduce the nipple areolar complex as well. It is a surgical procedure called mastopexy and is accomplished under the guidance of an expert team of doctors and nurses.

Why should you go for a breast lift or mastopexy surgery?

breast lift procedure sydney You must have noticed that with age and complications related to the body of a woman, the firmness of the breasts decrease and women develop sagging breasts or ptosis. Other factors may include pregnancy and the weight loss/gain associated with it. As the tissue ages and the burden on them increases, the skin around the breasts loses its elasticity; resulting in a pair of loose and unattractive breasts. Women with such complications can choose to have themselves treated with a breast lift/mastopexy. Also note that if you are going for a surgery you must be healthy with no prior breast disease.

How does the surgery help?

By 2010, 444,222 women had undergone breast lift surgery and as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it is one of the top cosmetic surgeries performed by plastic surgeons as of today. If you are expecting to undergo such a process then rest assured that by the end you will be pleased to have firmer breasts with their youthfulness completely restored. The breast envelops will be tighter than before with improved symmetry and you will have higher or lifted breasts.

The procedure

The first step would be to consult an expert plastic surgeon to analyse your condition depending on your complete medical background and analyse the risks involved in post-surgery recuperation. Mastopexy is commonly performed under general anaesthesia but depending on your condition, partial or local anaesthesia could also be administered. The procedure would depend on the severity of ptosis and the nipple areolar complex is lifted to give a youthful/firm feel to your breasts.

Post-surgery recovery

Recovery post mastopexy is generally administered through oral medication and/or long acting local anaesthesia. You will be advised to wear a soft bra or compression garment for a few days. The external stitches will be removed only after a couple of weeks. You can resume light activities in a week, whereas activities related to sports would depend only on the advice of your cosmetic surgeon.

What is the cost for Mastopexy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the effects of a breast lift surgery permanent?

It is best to discuss this with your surgeon during early consultation. The body keeps adapting to different circumstances and age cycle. So possibility of you gaining weight or pregnancy and increasing your breast size after a surgery cannot be overlooked.

I am looking for a result oriented surgery. Is mastopexy enough or is it necessary to undergo any other procedure?

It is suggested that along with mastopexy, breast augmentation gives better results. But only your surgeon will be able to decide best post evaluation