Most people refer to this procedure as body sculpting or shaping but medical experts named in body contouring. The procedure is generally one of the most sought-after procedures in the cosmetic field. It aims to create a more attractive body shape and silhouette and enhance the dips and curves of a body’s natural contour. Body contouring makes use of several aesthetic methods which mostly involve invasive liposuction and more.

Choices for Body Contouring Treatment

The main and most common choice for contouring the body surgically is liposuction. It is Liposuction-sydney doctorgenerally an invasive procedure which most clients wouldn’t want to have since it usually involves cutting through the first barrier of the skin. It’s good to know that there are many safe and non-invasive procedures which are energy-derived alternative modalities that are especially formulated for clients who prefer non-surgical body shaping procedures. These and other energy-aided liposuction procedures are tested and proven to be gentler compared to conventional tumescent liposuction.

These days, non-invasive procedures are preferred by more patrons, albeit their results are less dramatic and predictable compared to the regular ones that we know of.

How does non-invasive body contouring work?

Laser-aided liposuction is carried out by injecting a sterile cannula into the marked area for treatment after incorporating the tumescent solution that will react with fat tissues. Non-tumescent energy-aided liposuction can also be done with this same procedure.

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In the two mentioned cases, the energy which is released from the tip of the cannula initiates photo-acoustic and thermal disruptions directly to the targeted fat tissues. This facilitates easier removal of the fat by way of drainage, lymph excretion, and suctioning. There are selected cases in which thermal build up that happens underneath your skin can act as a catalyst for contraction of the epidermis. This phenomenon is highly beneficial because of the localized decrease of the fat volume; which is of course the desired result of body contouring.

As for laser-derived procedures, the efficacy and effectiveness of the treatment depends on the delivery and wavelength of therapeutic laser energy to emulsify the targeted fat tissues. Prescribed laser wavelengths that are therapeutic for body contouring are easily absorbed by fat and water; which in turn are some of the main components of adipose tissues. It takes professional training and expertise to administer the body sculpting procedure.

In general, it is carried out with the use of minute cannulas and delivery of gauged energy. Stringent procedural parameters are observed all the time so that treatment for each patient is customized to deliver the best possible results. This is also promoted to facilitate the comfort and safety of the client’s health and wellness.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

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