What is cheek dimple reconstruction?

Cheek dimple reconstruction is a plastic surgery procedure to help you give those perfect dimples that you always desired. Since cheek dimples are considered an attractive feature of the face, the procedure is developed to give you those perfect dips in your cheeks. A natural dimple is made due to a nominal skin defect in the cheek. The dimple is formed when the skin of the dimple is pulled backward by the underlying tissue while smiling. Through surgical procedures an artificial dimple is made on your skin to give you that attractive smile

What types of cheeks are suitable for surgery?

Almost any kind of cheek is suitable for a cheek dimple reconstruction surgery, although some cheeks are more suitable than others. To get a cheek analysis you need to ask your surgeon for more information.

Why would you want to get a dimple reconstruction surgery?

If you think that your perfect smile will get a boost and make you win more accolades, then you should definitely go for a dimple reconstruction surgery. Dimple surgery is also considered a symbol of elegance and prosperity in some cultures.

Procedure for cheek dimple reconstruction

To perform a cheek dimple reconstruction surgery on the patient’s face, a small scar is made on the inside of the cheek. A dissolvable suture is tied between the inner cheek and the underlying skin of the cheek. When the suture is tied it gives rise to a dimple. At first the dimple may appear on your face even without smiling, but after a few days the dimple will only appear when you smile. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes to perform and can be undertaken in a doctor’s facility.


Since a slight swelling may exist in the cheek due to the procedure, you may need to skip a day or two. Once the swelling subsides, you can resume normal operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the surgery cause pain?

The surgery is practically painless. Only a small incision is made in your cheek and tied with sutures. The sutures are then tied in a knot which will then make the dimple appear prominently on your face. The sutures are dissolvable and hence dissolve in your mouth after giving you that perfect permanent reconstructed dimple.

What is the success rate of the surgery?

The success rate is about 90%. In rare cases in which the sutures break in the middle of the dimple generation process, the surgery may not be successful. In such cases, a light dimple may have formed or no dimple could result altogether. This is one risk that you have to take when you get a dimple reconstructive surgery.

What medications are required after the procedure?

Depending on the post operative conditions, the doctor may advise some antibiotics or pain killers.

How much time until dimple looks normal?

There is no set time frame for the dimples to appear normal. You may achieve a good looking dimple in some days or several weeks.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.