The brow lift surgery is an operation of the brow region which raises drooping eyebrows and makes the appearance of frown lines less visible. The brow surgery makes the brows more youthful and appealing. So if you have a brow that makes you look as if you are frowning or a brow that droops more than usual, this surgery will make those brows attractive and young.

What is the procedure for the surgery?

There are two procedures of the brow lift: classic and endoscopic lift. The endoscopic brow lift involves making small incision in the upper forehead which is covered with hairs, hence minimally visible. A scope is used along with another instrument to give the skin the desired shape.
In the classic lift, the cut is made starting with the upper ears to hairline. The surgeon then stretches the skin to reduce wrinkles and make the forehead more pronounced.
Another technique called the innovative temporal lift is a more advanced and is a minimally invasive procedure. You can ask your surgeon for more details about the operation.

Who is suitable to take the surgery?

If your brows are drooping due to age and your forehead is all wrinkly, you should consider having the procedure. Also if a drooping brow gives you a negative personality image, you could go for it. Young people usually do not need the procedure; however, it may be needed coupled with some other plastic surgery procedures. To have the surgery one needs to carefully understand his/her skin type, age and previous medical history. The procedure can be undertaken between early forties and mid sixties.


It will generally take 5 weeks to recover from the initial effects of the surgery, although, you may resume works after 2-3 weeks. The scar will be faintly visible for sometime depending on the dexterity with which it is cut. Slight swelling will be there in the affected area and pain can be reduced with the help of medications. Your scars will fill up according to your healing abilities. Also, most of the scar will be invisible because it will be hidden by your hairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen before the surgery?

Before the surgery, you will have a thorough discussion with the surgeon who will assess your expectations. Also the surgeon will conduct some tests to ascertain your skin properties and skin type. He will also take some photographs of your brow and forehead to study your skin in detail. Finally he will examine your previous medical history. After he is fully satisfied he will tell you about the surgery, the cost, the recovery procedure and the risks involved.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.